Psychology Education and Training Program

Ongoing Guidance, Evaluation, and Mentorship

At the beginning of the internship year, an advisor will be selected for each intern. The advisor will be responsible for monitoring the curriculum (i.e., selection and satisfactory completion of rotations), thereby aiming to ensure that training goals are being met in accordance with the intern’s career plan.

Supervision will be provided by the advisor as well as by the rotation supervisors. Along with the ongoing feedback from supervisors, formal written evaluation of performance will be completed four times per year.

A composite written evaluation will be prepared and forwarded to each intern’s university-based director of training at mid-year and at the conclusion of the internship.

Interns will also be expected to provide periodic feedback regarding training experiences as well as an evaluation of the quality of the Internship Training Program at its conclusion. In addition, intern graduates will be contacted for six years following the internship in order to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the internship training program and their effective functioning as child psychologists.

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