Psychology Education and Training Program

Multicultural Training

Interns have the opportunity to work with diverse children and families through clinical rotations. Also, didactic training in the Psychology Seminar, LEND Seminar Series, and Interdisciplinary Seminar in Community-Based Practice, in particular, provides interns with a conceptual foundation in multicultural psychology.

Our program addresses issues pertaining to individual and cultural diversity in all aspects of our Internship Training Program in Psychology. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff and interns to consider issues of individual and cultural diversity and to demonstrate cultural sensitivity, relevance and competence in interactions with patients, colleagues and other peers. Emphasis is routinely placed upon issues of individual and cultural diversity within the context of relevant cases and throughout the course of individual clinical supervision. Interns will have many opportunities to integrate knowledge and experiences regarding individual and cultural diversity into daily clinical practice. In addition, our faculty and staff strive to incorporate full consideration of issues of individual and cultural diversity into regularly scheduled rounds, seminars, and group peer review conferences, which utilize interactive case management.

Psychology interns may work within community-based programs that serve children with special needs through training initiatives funded through the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) and Mental and Behavioral Education and Training (MBHET) programs of DHHS and Health Resources Service Administration.

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