Psychology Education and Training Program

Salary and Other Benefits

Interns receive a salary of $24,000 distributed evenly across the internship year in bi-weekly checks. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provides individual health insurance coverage to interns upon the completion of the first 30 days of internship training. All employees and trainees of Children’s Hospital are eligible for individual health insurance via group plans after 30 days of employment status. At this time, interns may elect to purchase health insurance for a spouse or dependent(s) through one of the available group plan options. We advise all interns to continue pre-existing individual health insurance coverage through the first 30 days of the Internship Training Program.

Interns will accrue 25 PTO (paid time off) days in their PTO bank to be used as needed for vacation, personal time, dissertation research, fellowship interviews or illness. Interns are eligible to draw upon their PTO bank only following the first 90 days of employment at CHOP. In addition, interns will be allowed the following seven announced holidays: New Year's Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Subsequent to administrative approval, an intern may request an additional three-days leave for participation in professional conferences. During any scheduled absence, adequate coverage for clinical responsibilities must be arranged with each clinical supervisor and the Training Director.

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