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Pulmonary Hypoplasia Program

Resources for Families

Helpful documents

Maps of CHOP's Main Campus and the Wood Center

The following maps point out locations you might visit during your PHP appointment.


Additional resources and support groups

Beyond the Pulmonary Hypoplasia Program family here at CHOP, there are other sources of support available in your community. If you’d like to connect with other families sharing similar medical journeys, here are just a few community, advocacy and awareness groups that exist:

Reading list

For more information about different topics related to your child’s development, click on one of the sections below to find related books and resources. This is not a complete list, and not intended as an endorsement of all of the information contained in these sources, but we hope you will find it helpful. Your child's pediatricians, developmental therapist, teacher or other caregiver may have additional ideas for you.

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For Appointments or Questions

Annual Family Reunion

Every year many PHP patients return for the annual family reunion hosted by the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment. View our slideshow to see patients and their families celebrating at past reunions!