Meet Our Team

Neonatology Division Chief

Associate Division Chief

Medical Director, Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit

Associate Medical Directors, Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit

Full-time attending physicians


Neonatology fellows

Front-line clinicians: Neonatal advanced practice nurses

Front-line clinicians: Physician assistants

Neonatal Outreach Program

Psychosocial Services


Director of Neonatal Nursing Services

Nurse managers

Clinical nurse supervisors

Clinical nurse specialists

Clinical nurse IVs

Surgical advanced practice nurses

Case managers

Unit patient safety and quality improvement coordinators

Lactation consultants

Social work

Respiratory care clinical specialist

Physical therapists

Occupational therapists

Speech-Language Pathologists

Clinical pharmacist

Neonatal dieticians

Infant Breathing Disorder Center

ECMO Program

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