Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation Program

The Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation (HAVE) Program is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Division of Nephrology and the Cardiac Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The HAVE Program evaluates children of all ages who have hypertension secondary to a significant pediatric condition and works closely with the child’s primary healthcare team.

CHOP’s position as a national leader in hypertension and vascular disease enables us to provide the very best care.

About the HAVE Program

HAVE is a cutting-edge clinical outpatient consultation and screening program for youth of all ages who have hypertension secondary to a significant pediatric condition. The program is open to patients within CHOP as well as those referred by outside physicians.

Why the HAVE Program was formed

Hypertension occurs in 2-8 percent of children and adolescents, and approximately 10 percent of patients have hypertension in the setting of a significant pediatric condition. The HAVE Program will help us meet the needs of these children in a more efficient manner.

Much is still unknown about the etiology, management and long-term outcomes of pediatric hypertension, and the HAVE Program enables patients to have a comprehensive, collaborative assessment that combines expertise from Cardiology and Nephrology.

Creating a cohort of these patients will stimulate a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnostic evaluation and lead to evidence-based management guidelines.

Our team

The HAVE team includes:

Evaluation and testing

In conjunction with a clinic visit with Nephrology and Cardiology, testing is tailored to the individual patient and can include the following:

HAVE does not take the place of the child’s primary healthcare team. Follow-up with the HAVE Program may be required, but we are an added layer of service, delivering care in close collaboration and communication with the primary team.

Conditions that put children at risk for hypertension

There is growing evidence that children with the following conditions are at risk for developing hypertension:

We believe this list will grow as we gain understanding of pediatric hypertension.

Contact us

For more information about the HAVE Program or to make a referral, call Program Coordinator Michele Crane at 215-590-0378 or contact us online.  

Reviewed by: Kevin Meyers, MBBCh
Date: May 2013

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