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Resources for Families:
The Value of Psychosocial Services

At the Cancer Center, the support we offer families goes far beyond our team of doctors and nurses. Social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, creative arts therapists and teachers form the Psychosocial Services staff which rounds out the care team. The role of our psychosocial staff is a key difference between the Cancer Center at CHOP and other cancer treatment programs. This team is engaged with the family and medical team from diagnosis through treatment.

Psychosocial team members consult with the medical staff throughout the treatment process to offer our patient families the most comprehensive care. Through regular meetings, evaluations and treatment sessions the psychosocial staff helps the patient and family adjust to illness, addresses the psychological effects of treatment for both the patient and family, connects families to resources in the community, keeps children engaged in their education and much more.

Our Psychosocial Services:

The psychosocial staff is also actively engaged in clinical research to better understand the needs of the child and his family during and after childhood cancer treatment. The team develops interventions to reduce anxiety and promote adaptive family functioning during stressful times.

More Resources for Cancer Families

The Psychosocial Services staff in the Cancer Center also connects families with a number of other resources that help address some of the common challenges they might face.

Resources for all CHOP Families

All patient families at CHOP have access to hospital-wide support programs that ease some of the burdens associated with caring for a sick child.

For Teachers and Educators


Our pediatric oncology psychosocial teams are available at the Main Campus in Philadelphia and at our Specialty Care facilities in King of Prussia, Pa. and Voorhees, N.J. 

For more information about our services or how to access them, please email
Dr. Lamia Barakat, PhD, director of Psychosocial Services, or call 267-426-8135.

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