Homeless Health Initiative

CHOP Night

The Homeless Health Initiative's core program, "CHOP Night," offers free onsite medical and dental care to women and children living in emergency housing shelters throughout West Philadelphia.

These monthly visits to HHI’s primary shelter partners — the People’s Emergency Center, Episcopal Community Services/St. Barnabas Mission, and Lutheran Settlement House/Jane Addams Place — include physicals, chop nightsick visits, medical referrals, education and dental exams.

HHI’s multidisciplinary volunteer team consists of CHOP attending physicians, residents, dentists, nurses and nurse practitioners, as well as local university students in nursing, social work, dentistry and medicine.

Through volunteer supervision, HHI seeks to foster a culturally sensitive and safe environment to assist in developing trusting interactions between healthcare systems and underserved communities.

The overall goal is to improve health and health access, and to reduce health disparities within this population. 

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Learn more about HHI's program calendar, shelters we serve and how to help.

Reviewed by: Karen Hudson, MSW, LSW
Date: May 2013 

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