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Michael C. Carr, MD, PhD

Associate Director, Division of Urology

Attending Urologist

Associate Professor of Surgery in Urology, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Approach to Care

Pediatric urology is a discipline that many families don’t even know exists until their child develops daytime wetting, is diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, or has bedwetting that persists. Their baby may be born with a genital issue, or their toddler is found to have a swollen hernia. Some are found to have anomalies that are detected before birth, leading to a prenatal consultation to find more information and understanding of what their yet-to-be-born baby has.

In each of these situations you can feel assured that we will work with you and your child in an honest and straightforward manner. We will explain your child’s condition and management in a logical fashion. We will continue to provide compassionate care so that your child does improve, whether surgery is needed or testing is done to provide answers to your questions.

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