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Scott A. Lorch, MD, MSCE

Attending Neonatologist

Director, Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship Training Program

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Original Papers


Goyal NK, Fager C, Lorch SA. Adherence to discharge guidelines for late-preterm newborns. Pediatrics. 2011 Aug;128(2):e366-73. Epub 2011 Jul 11. Cited in PubMed; PMID 21746726. Read the abstract

Lorch SA, Maheshwari P, Even-Shoshan O. The impact of certificate of need programs on neonatal intensive care units. J Perinatol. Epub 2011 Apr 28.  Cited in PubMed; PMID 21527902. Read the abstract

Tucker Edmonds B, Fager C, Srinivas S, Lorch S. Predictors of cesarean delivery for periviable neonates. Obstet Gynecol. 2011 Jul;118(1):49-56. Cited in PubMed; PMID 21691162. Read the abstract

 Lorch SA, Srinivasan L, Escobar GJ. Epidemiology of apnea and bradycardia resolution in premature infants. Pediatrics. 2011 Aug;128(2):e366-73. Epub 2011 Jul 11. Cited in PubMed; PMID 21746726. Read the abstract

Tucker Edmonds B, Fager C, Srinivas S, Lorch S. Racial and ethnic differences in use of intubation for periviable neonates. Pediatrics. 2011 May;127(5):e1120-7. Epub 2011 Apr 18. Cited in PubMed; PMID 21502221. Read the abstract


Ray KN, Escobar GJ, Lorch SA. Premature infants born to adolescent mothers: health care utilization after initial discharge. Acad Pediatr. 2010 Sep-Oct;10(5):302-8. Cited in PubMed; PMID 20816654. Read the abstract.

Lee GE, Lorch SA, Sheffler-Collins S, Kronman MP, Shah SS. National hospitalization trends for pediatric pneumonia and associated complications. Pediatrics. 2010 Aug;126(2):204-13. Epub 2010 Jul 19. Cited in PubMed; PMID 20643717. Read the article

Silber JH, Rosenbaum PR, Brachet TJ, Ross RN, Bressler LJ, Even-Shoshan O, Lorch SA, Volpp KG. The Hospital Compare mortality model and the volume-outcome relationship. Health Serv Res. 2010 Oct;45(5 Pt 1):1148-67. Cited in PubMed; PMID 20579125. Read the abstract

Srinivas SK, Fager C, Lorch SA. Evaluating risk-adjusted cesarean delivery rate as a measure of obstetric quality. Obstet Gynecol. 2010 May;115(5):1007-13. Cited in PubMed; PMID 20410776. Read the abstract

Lorch SA, Millman AM, Shah SS. Impact of congenital anomalies and treatment location on the outcomes of infants hospitalized with herpes simplex virus (HSV). J Hosp Med. 2010 Mar;5(3):154-9. Cited in PubMed; PMID 20235284. Read the abstract

Lorch SA, Wade KC, Bakewell-Sachs S, Medoff-Cooper B, Silber JH, Escobar GJ. Antibiotic use in premature infants after discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. Clin Pediatr (Phila). 2010 Apr;49(3):249-57. Epub 2009 May 15. Cited in PubMed; PMID 19448131. Read abstract

Lorch SA, Baiocchi M, Silber JH, Even-Shoshan O, Escobar GJ, Small DS. The role of outpatient facilities in explaining variations in risk-adjusted readmission rates between hospitals. Health Serv Res. 2010 Feb;45(1):24-41. Epub 2009 Sep 24. Cited in PubMed; PMID 19780853. Read abstract


Silber JH, Lorch SA, Rosenbaum PR, Medoff-Cooper B, Bakewell-Sachs S, Millman A, et al. Time to send the preemie home? Additional maturity at discharge and subsequent health care costs and outcomes. Health Serv Res. 2009 Apr;44(2 Pt 1):444-63. Epub 2008 Dec 31. Cited in PubMed; PMID 19207592. Read the article

Lorch SA, Silber JH, Even-Shoshan O, Millman A. Use of prolonged travel to improve pediatric risk-adjustment models. Health Serv Res. 2009 Apr;44 (2 Pt 1):519-41. Epub 2008 Dec 30. Cited in PubMed; PMID 19207591. Read the article

Bakewell-Sachs S, Medoff-Cooper B, Escobar GJ, Silber JH, Lorch SA. Infant functional status: the timing of physiologic maturation of premature infants. Pediatrics. 2009 May;123(5):e878-86. Cited in PubMed; PMID 19403481. Read the article

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