Specialty Care Centers

CHOP Specialty Care Close to Home

CHOP Specialty Care Centers offer a wide range of diagnostic testing, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitiation services in many pediatric specialties.

No matter where you live in Eastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the centers are close to home and convenient for care for all types of special medical conditions.

Unique Facilities

Our specialty care network includes:

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Families can now access the services of renowned Children's Hospital surgeons without a trip to the city. At our suburban Ambulatory Surgery Centers, all procedures are attended by full surgical teams, including pediatric anesthesiologists. Staff at these ambulatory sites are all CHOP employees and have the same training as staff at the Main campus.

Located within the Exton, Bucks County and Voorhees Specialty Care Center complexes, the Ambulatory Surgery Centers provide outpatient general and specialty surgical services to children of all ages.

Specialty Care Locations

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Surgery Close to Home

Our Ambulatory Surgery Centers offer families CHOP's surgical expertise in a local setting. Learn more in our video, Easy Does It.
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