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Laminated immunization schedules and CDC recommendations for use of antivirals for influenza

Laminated immunization schedules

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) now has available for order useful laminated versions of the 2014 immunization schedules. The full-color schedules include a recommendations table, footnotes, contraindications and precautions. Two versions are available:

Costs vary by quantity ordered. Four or fewer copies are $7.50 each with prices decreasing incrementally to $3.50 per schedule for quantities of 500 to 999. Larger quantities are also available by contacting IAC.

CDC recommendations for use of antivirals for influenza

Following the recent release of the Cochrane report about the benefits of antiviral drugs in treating influenza, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) re-emphasized their recommendations related to the use of antivirals for treating influenza. Specifically,

The CDC has a useful document that includes a summary table outlining recommendations related to this subject. Several additional resources are compiled on the CDC’s related Web page.

CDC news and vaccine-related Tedx Talk


CDC news

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the introduction of a new Twitter account, @CDCizlearn. They plan to post information about immunization-related education, training and practice resources for healthcare providers and others interested in administration and delivery of vaccines. Questions about the Twitter account can be emailed to

The CDC has also announced removal of the multi-vaccine VIS (11/16/12), so that it can be updated. In the interim, rather than using that sheet, provide parents with the individual VISs. This information is posted on the CDC’s VIS announcements page.

Vaccine-related Tedx Talk

The Immunization Partnership in Texas recently launched a new website, In addition to education and advocacy sections, the site includes a wonderful Tedx Talk video by Anna Dragsbaek, President and CEO of The Immunization Partnership. The Tedx Talk video, titled “The Scream That Should Be Heard Around the World,” is also available on YouTube.


CDC VIS and training modules updates

VIS Updates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently made updates to the following Vaccine Information Statements (VIS):

Be sure you are using the most up-to-date VIS by checking the CDC’s summary page.

Get other languages from the IAC’s library of VIS.

Make sure your office is using VIS correctly.

CDC training modules updates

The CDC recently updated two modules in the “You Call the Shots” training course:

The “You Call the Shots” modules are free, Web-based training modules intended for nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists and other health professionals who administer immunizations. The modules are also useful for students in fields of study that will eventually administer vaccines. Continuing education credits are also available.


Cervivor interview series; HPV vaccine recall

Cervivor interview series

Cervivor is a new series launched by Tamika & Friends, a group of cervical cancer survivors. In this online series Tamika interviews other cervical cancer survivors as they share their stories of hope and survival. The group is having a three-day survivor retreat during January 2014.

HPV vaccine recall

Merck voluntarily recalled one lot of Gardasil® because a small number of vials might have been contaminated with glass introduced by breakage during the production process:

For more information, consult the CDC’s related media statement.


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