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As prospective parents, when you learn your baby has a congenital defect, the news can be devastating. Feelings of helplessness, confusion, fear and mourning over the loss of a healthy baby occur. In addition, extremely difficult and life changing discussions and decisions need to take place in a relatively short period of time.

The physicians and staff of the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment are committed to supporting you through the process of diagnosis and possible fetal intervention, listening to your concerns, providing you with information about your baby's fetal diagnosis, explaining fetal intervention options when available, and making sure you have the resources you need to help ensure the best possible outcome for you, your family and your baby.

How referrals are handled

Your physician's referral

When a fetal diagnosis of a fetal abnormality is found, your referring physician should call our Center at 1-800-IN-UTERO (1-800-468-8376) where our clinical coordinator will obtain your initial medical data by telephone. The clinical coordinator will ask that your prenatal records be faxed to: 215-590-2447.

Obtaining records and making recommendations

Ultrasounds should be sent by overnight mail, and we have a UPS number for your physician's use for this purpose if needed.

Because a quick response is often necessary and because we know you are anxiously waiting to hear from us, we will contact your referring physician with our recommendations as soon as the sonograms are received and reviewed.

Considerations for fetal intervention

If you meet the selection criteria for possible fetal intervention, patient education materials will be mailed to you to introduce you to fetal surgery, and we are happy to answer any questions you have through follow-up telephone calls.

If you elect to proceed with fetal intervention and travel to Philadelphia, you will also receive information about your evaluation schedule, travel and lodging. All appointments for tests and consultations are well coordinated. You and your referring physician can anticipate a smooth evaluation process, hospitalization and discharge.

Soon after your arrival in Philadelphia and after a complete evaluation, your referring physician will receive a telephone call and a letter from us outlining our complete findings and recommendations for fetal intervention. Your information and particular situation will also be reviewed at our weekly multidisciplinary meeting, which addresses the mother/patient, the fetus and the diagnosis.

If you are not a candidate for fetal surgery

If it turns out that you are not a candidate for fetal surgery, we will coordinate with your referring physician and will follow the progression of your pregnancy, delivery and outcome.

For families who return to Philadelphia for delivery of their baby, we will co-manage your pregnancy with your referring physician and will assist in the timing of the delivery and coordination of services.

Fetal diagnoses

To learn more about common fetal diagnoses, follow the links to the specific conditions:

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Updated: March 2012

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