Special Immunology Service


Special Immunology Programs, the Pediatric, Adolescent and Family HIV/AIDS programs and services at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, provide appropriate medical, social and educational services to all persons at risk for HIV infection. The multi-department program has set three major areas of service:

  1. Highly specialized clinical care and comprehensive psycho-social care for HIV infected/affected patients and family members through the Special Immunology Family and Adolescent Clinics.
  2. Innovative HIV/AIDS prevention education and outreach to patients, families, employees and especially adolescents through the Adolescent Peer HIV Education Program and the Adolescent HIV Initiative.
  3. Clinical and social research toward the prevention of and the effective medical treatment for HIV infection.

Clinical care services

Special Immunology offers two clinical care services:

Both the Family and Adolescent Clinics are sites for NIH sponsored clinical and pharmaceutical research providing patients with the new and better treatments and immune-based therapies. Team physicians, nurses and social workers communicate with referring physicians and agencies to coordinate care and provide linkages to other community services available to patients and families.

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