Inpatient Pathway for Treatment of the Child with Bronchiolitis

Response to Intervention Score

Response to Intervention score should be completed prior to and following any new intervention to address respiratory distress. The purpose of the score is to determine whether an intervention has been helpful and has resulted in clinical improvement.

    Mild (0) Moderate (1) Severe (2)
RR < 3 months 30-60 61-80 > 80
3 - < 12 months 25-50 51-70 > 70
1y – 2y 20-40 41-60 >60
WOB None or mild Intercostal retractions Nasal flaring, grunting, head bobbing
Mental Status Baseline Fussy or anxious Lethargic or inconsolable

The child should be assessed before any intervention and again approximately 10 minutes after completion of the intervention. Interventions should be given in step-wise fashion, with each intervention scored before the next intervention is administered.