Perioperative Pathway for Newborns/Infants

NPO Guidelines

For patients who are already NPO

For patients who are feeding

Age Formula NPO Time (minimum)
< 6 months Unfortified Breast Milk 3 hrs
Fortified Breast Milk or Formula 4 hrs
6-12 months Unfortified Breast Milk 4 hrs
Fortified Breast Milk or Formula 6 hrs
Any infant BM/formula + additives* NPO at 2300 the night prior to surgery

*Additives include thickeners (rice cereal, Simply Thick), MCT oil/lipids, fiber, protein, etc.
Consider as a solid.

Bowel Preparation

Discuss need for bowel preparation with attending surgeon 24-48 hours prior to surgery
Some cases require NPO 24 hours prior to procedure