Difficult/Critical Airway Pathway

Airway Team

The Airway Response Team provides expert support as soon as they are present.


  • Anesthesia
  • ENT


  • Code Blue / Medical Emergency Line: 4-CODE (4-2633)
  • ASCOM Phone: Double press alert button on top of phone
  • Indicate : Stat Airway Emergency, Patient Location

Airway Cart for Difficult and Critical Airways

Standardized Carts present in CICU, PICU, NICU and ED

Supraglottic Airways LMA
Indirect Laryngoscope Glidescope
Air Traq
Fiberoptic bronchoscope Present in NICU
Provided by Respiratory Charge Therapist in other areas
Invasive Airway Needle Cricothyroidotomy kits
Percutaneous tracheostomy kits
ENT equipment