ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Infants > 28 Days of Age and Children with Severe Sepsis

Rapid transfer to definitive care is critical.

ED Fellow / Attending Communication


Refer to ED - PICU Communication Procedure

ED Attending/designee notifies PICU using the following 3 tiers:

  • Request for Critical Care Team (Attending, Fellow, RN) at the bedside in the Resuscitation Room
  • ED Attending calls CommSpecs at 4-2633 (4-CODE, the Code Line)
  • PICU charge RN, Team prepares for admission
  • Critical Care Team transports the patient to the ICU
PICU Notification
  • Urgent need for ICU bed for critically ill patient in the Resuscitation Room
  • ED Attending/designee calls CommSpecs at 4-2160 (NOT the Code Line)
  • ED Attending calls PICU Admit Attending Ascom #70032 with patient information when able
  • ED Team transports patient to the ICU and gives face-to-face report
PICU Routine
  • Routine PICU admission using 10006 for stable patient
  • Routine transfer of care

PICU Preparing for Admission