Leading the Fight Against COVID-19

At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), we have been solving the unsolvable for 165 years. From pioneering surgical techniques to cell and gene therapy, our world-renowned experts take on the toughest diseases the world has ever seen and win.

Discover the Difference We’re Making

Over the last year, our physicians and scientists have emerged as thought leaders in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. By making research advances and sharing what we learn, we continue to grow the body of medical knowledge needed to combat COVID-19 in both children and adults. Through it all, our commitment to our patients has never wavered — we remain innovative and dedicated to providing world-class care for children, here and around the world.

Meeting a Community Need: COVID-19 Vaccination Program

As part of CHOP’s steadfast commitment to pediatric health and the broader healthcare community in our region, CHOP partnered with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) and various Philadelphia school networks to immunize more than 19,000 personnel at schools and early childhood education/daycare centers across Philadelphia. Many CHOP clinicians and staff members volunteered their time in clinic to support this historic public health effort.

Our expansive COVID-19 vaccination efforts have also included non-affiliated healthcare workers as well as young adults and adolescents.

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Breaking Through: Pioneered at CHOP

In this five-episode special series of her popular podcast, CHOP President and CEO Madeline Bell speaks with five CHOP doctors and scientists about the stories behind some of their groundbreaking work.

Hear more of CHOP’s breakthrough makers discuss their most recent innovations and share their “breakthrough moments.”

Recent News

The latest research at CHOP is paving the way for greater understanding and better treatment for COVID-19 and its associated complications.

Using deep immune profiling, CHOP researchers have found children with MIS-C are extremely immune activated, more like adults with severe COVID-19.

Dr. Katie Lockwood advocates for an increase in behavioral health services both in- and outside of school to support the increase in mental health issues among children and teens.

CHOP researchers found 100% of patients with negative COVID-19 tests up to three days before surgery were also negative at the time of surgery.

CHOP researchers describe different types of rashes seen in patients diagnosed with the COVID-19-related inflammatory syndrome.