young boy playing outside Children’s Hospital’s dedication to innovation helps children reach their potential in all aspects of their lives. An example of this comprehensive approach to health is the new South Philadelphia Community Health and Literacy Center, which houses a CHOP primary care facility, a city health center for adults, a library branch and a recreation center. Two new gardens show CHOP’s commitment to children’s emotional well being, which is fostered by the natural world.

In 2016, there were:

  • 740,643 primary care visits
  • 1,296,882 outpatient visits
  • 83,771 Emergency Department visits
  • 19,578 outpatient surgeries
  • 18,142 Urgent Care visits
  • 9,468 admissions in the 535-bed Main Hospital
  • 6,797 inpatient surgeries

Research locations and space

More than 797,947 square feet of research space, helping to bring scientific discoveries to the bedside quickly:

  • Ruth and Tristram Colket, Jr. Translational Research Building
  • Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center
  • CHOP Main Campus
  • 3550 Market St. 5 3535 Market St.