CHOP Loses a Legendary Doctor, Mentor and Friend

Published on in Children's View

Dr PatOutside the clinic where families seek answers to their children’s unexplained medical conditions is a sign that reads: the Patrick S. Pasquariello Jr. Diagnostic and Complex Care Center.

That same name is also written on countless hearts. Dr. Pasquariello, who passed away Aug. 29, 2015, spent his entire 54-year career at CHOP. For many years, “Dr. Pat,” as patients, parents and physicians-in-training called him, was the director of CHOP’s Main Campus primary care practice, caring for thousands of children and families, sometimes for multiple generations.

He demonstrated his extraordinary compassion and dedication to children with complex disorders with his involvement in CHOP’s 22q and You Center, Craniofacial and Spina Bifida programs, and the Diagnostic and Complex Care Center that was renamed in his honor in 2009, 20 years after he created it.

When news of his passing was posted on CHOP’s Facebook page, hundreds of former patients, parents and colleagues wrote about the physician, and the man, they knew and loved.

A sampling of their heartfelt comments gives the fullest picture of why he will be so greatly missed.

  • “He’s a man who provided great hope and solace in a time of confusion. We were so blessed to have such a great doctor guiding us in the early days of learning about spina bifida.”
  • “His words were always soft and comforting. His attitude towards the kids and his students was always one of respect and care. His actions definitely spoke louder than his words! He is one great HERO!”
  • “Dr. Pat was one of a kind. He was an outstanding pediatrician who gave excellent medical care. But what was so unique about him was the compassion he showed to his patients and families. He always took the time to really listen to them and their concerns.”
  • “Dr. Pat not only cared for the health and well-being of the children in his care, but was sensitive and understanding of new parents and was a guiding light through parenthood.”
  • “A gentle, loving, wise soul who influenced more lives than one can imagine.”