Question: Children from all over the world come to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for expert care they cannot receive in their home countries. How many different countries sent children to CHOP in 2015?

A. 22

B. 51

C. 68

D. 124

Answer: C

CHOP is a destination of hope for families from all over the world seeking world-class treatment. Over the past 10 years, patients from more than 90 countries have come to CHOP for care. In 2015, we received patients from 68 different countries.

Families seeking care at CHOP contact Global Patient Services (GPS) and receive guidance on how to complete the necessary arrangements. GPS has interpreters who accompany family members at appointments and are at the bedside to ensure everyone has complete information to make informed decisions.

GPS is part of the Department of International Medicine at CHOP, which aims to extend the resources and expertise of the Hospital to children around the globe. Learn more about the department »