CHOP can’t wait for more breakthroughs

While many children can’t wait for the holidays and are looking forward to presents and festivities, we know some of our patients are preparing to spend this holiday season in the hospital. As members of the CHOP family, we all do our best to bring joy to our patients throughout this especially difficult time of the year. So many families with sick children will be wishing for breakthroughs, both big and small, during the holidays. And CHOP simply can’t wait to make these breakthroughs a reality.

Hannah smiling When you give to For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs, your contribution will directly impact the lives of patients and families in our care… for now and years to come. Your gift will help equip CHOP with the resources we need in order to make breakthroughs possible… breakthroughs for children like Hannah.

Seeing a star for the first time

On crisp winter evenings, many children look out of their windows toward the night sky and see a beautiful canopy of stars. Until recently, Hannah had never experienced this simple joy because she was diagnosed with a rare retinal disease that causes blindness. After enrolling in a revolutionary gene therapy treatment developed here at CHOP, her life has changed. This therapy gave Hannah the chance to see her very first star – a moment she will never forget. And her progress didn’t stop there.

Now, she’s able to navigate her way around a room without using her hands as a guide. Her new sense of sight is broadening her world more and more each day… like when she saw rain for the first time in her life.

This was the first gene therapy for a genetic disease to be approved in the United States and Hannah was the first patient to receive this treatment at CHOP. Today, she continues to discover the world around her and celebrates each new breakthrough she makes.

Help sustain breakthrough work

Dedicated employees, like you, are helping CHOP define the future of pediatric medicine and in each of our individual roles, we are all setting the standard for others to follow around the world. And making a gift to For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs, is one more way you’ll ensure that CHOP doesn’t have to wait for the resources we need to make breakthroughs a possibility for every child who turns to us. Please give today.