Making hope bloom during Daisy Days

Hannah sitting and smiling As a member of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) staff, you have the power to transform the lives of patients in our care. Without your hard work, we simply wouldn’t be able to deliver the breakthrough care for families who turn to us for hope. During Daisy Days this month, you have another unique opportunity to help hope bloom for patients in our care. Your support during Daisy Days makes life-saving cures possible for children like Hannah.

Hannah's story

Hannah was born with a rare retinal disease that resulted in limited vision, and without intervention, she would eventually become completely blind.

Then a gene therapy developed here at CHOP, changed her whole world overnight.

Just 24 hours after her surgery, her family could already see changes in her vision. When she turned on a lamp the next day, she pushed it away. Her mother recalls, “No light had ever been too bright before”. These breakthrough moments kept happening for Hannah. She could see the liquid in her drinking glass, drops of rain and even her first star…

“Think about it,” says her father, Chris, “When was the first time you saw a star? None of us remember that. But, for Hannah, it’s a moment she’ll never forget.

Help sustain our breakthrough work

Because of the work you do and your support during Daisy Days, we can ensure that she won’t be the last. With your gift during Daisy Days, you can help create more breakthroughs possible for children like Hannah.