Practice Makes Perfect

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is the oldest hospital in the United States dedicated exclusively to pediatrics. Since opening our doors in 1855, we’ve remained on the cutting edge of the medical revolution but so much is yet to be explored. Will we be ready for the next breakthrough? Will we have the resources to take action?

We must continue to innovate.

Surgeons in simulation lab By 2020, it’s projected that medical knowledge will double every 73 days. As the pace of change accelerates, CHOP must keep rethinking how we should train future physicians to master this brave new world.

One example of our innovative approach to training is our PEDESTAL program.

With philanthropic support from the Measy Foundation, Thane A. Blinman, MD, FACS, attending pediatric surgeon, developed an initiative unique to CHOP geared towards trainees. PEDESTAL (Pediatric Endoscopic Surgical Training and Advancement Laboratory) is a simulation lab to give new surgeons efficient and hands-on practice in the operating room. PEDESTAL provides a safe learning space for trainees to refine their expertise using small surgical instruments so that they can focus on other nuanced details required for intricate fetal and pediatric surgeries.

We need your help.

CHOP is known for the quality of our residency and fellowship programs – but this isn’t the time to rest on our laurels. In order to stay ahead of the curve, philanthropic investment is paramount. If you would like to secure CHOP’s ability to train the experts whom our CHOP patients and families rely on, please consider a gift to For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs. You may choose to support the many advances in training, like PEDESTAL, or any other area that touches your heart.