Community Fundraising

Get started planning your fundraiser for CHOP

Figured out how you'd like to support CHOP? Amazing! Don’t know yet? That’s okay too! We have a full list of fundraising event ideas below for you to check out!

Note: Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website and guidelines for the most up-to-date recommendations for in-person gatherings as well as your state’s recommendations.

How to get started

  1. Confirm your fundraiser details like date and venue. It’s also a great idea to have a rough estimate of your income and expenses. TIP: Per the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, your fundraiser expenses should not be higher than 30% of your net income (gross income minus expenses).
  2. Register your fundraiser below and you’re all set! Your dedicated community fundraising specialist will reach out shortly after.

Register your fundraiser

How CHOP can help with your fundraiser

Once you register your fundraiser through our online form, your dedicated community fundraising specialist will be your point person from the CHOP Foundation to help you through all aspects of your fundraiser!

We are happy to provide you with:

  • A CHOP Fundraising Kit that includes: CHOP branded banners, balloons and posters
  • A letter of endorsement on CHOP letterhead signed by our Executive Director of Event Fundraising and Community Engagement to authenticate your fundraiser
  • A posting on the CHOP events calendar
  • The CHOP logo to be used on our marketing materials according to our guidelines
  • An online fundraising portal that will allow you to gather more donations and access fundraising guides
  • Guidance on where to direct the proceeds of your fundraiser

We are unable to do the following:

  • Extend our tax exemption to you and your fundraiser
  • Provide a mailing list of donors or sponsors
  • Provide patient stories or pictures
  • Host community fundraisers at the hospital
  • Place your event flyers throughout the hospital

Fundraising ideas

  • Golf Outing
  • Mini-Golf Outing
  • 5k Run or Walk
  • Dress Down Day and themed Dress Down Days
  • Beef and Beer
  • Bake Sale
  • Paint Night
  • Bowling Tournament
  • Auction
  • Bingo
  • Celebrate for CHOP


  • What is the process for getting my fundraiser approved with CHOP? About 6 weeks prior to your event date, visit our site and register your event with as many details about your fundraiser as possible. A member of our team will give you a call to review the details of your fundraiser. After we have all the necessary information, we’ll send your information over to our legal and finance departments to get approved. Once approved, we’ll be able to send you out your fundraising packet, the CHOP logo and post your event on the CHOP website!
  • How long does it take to get my fundraiser approved? The process can take up to 2 weeks from the time you submit your form until we receive the approved and signed letter from our legal and finance department.
  • Will CHOP be able to help plan my fundraiser? Your community fundraising specialist will be able to provide you guidance and advice on your fundraiser but will not be available to help plan your fundraiser.
  • Can I host a fundraiser at the Hospital? Unfortunately, we don’t allow outside fundraisers to take place at any of our CHOP buildings.
  • Where should I send the proceeds from my fundraiser? Checks can be mailed to: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, [Include event name], PO Box 781352, Philadelphia PA, 19178. Proceeds from your fundraiser should be mailed in no later than 60 days after your event and should be made through checks only. Please do not send cash.