Foundation Board of Overseers

The Foundation Board of Overseers is composed of volunteers who champion and advance Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s mission through leadership of philanthropic efforts. As enthusiastic ambassadors for the hospital, members of the Foundation Board of Overseers are crucial partners dedicated to CHOP’s goal of transforming pediatric healthcare in the Philadelphia region and worldwide.

For further information about the Foundation Board of Overseers, please contact Shapley Gregg, Executive Director of Board Relations at CHOP, at 267-426-6520 or

Board Chair

Amanda Radcliffe++

Board Co-Vice Chairs

Marjorie Honickman++
M. Brad Ingerman, Esq.++


Jennifer Paradis Behle*++
Madeline Bell
Steve Berman++
Nicholas Bertram
Ellen Blommer
Reid S. Buerger++
Stephanie Wolfson Cohen++
Bryan D. Colket
David L. Colman++
John E.F. (Jef) Corson
Mark Fishman++
Ann Frankel++
Katy Friedland
Lynne L. Garbose++
Roberta E. Gausas, MD
Christopher T. Gheysens
Daniel Gluck
William S. Green++
Sarah Roberts Hall
Brian Hickey
David P. Holveck++
Timothy P. Hughes++
Gwen Keiser++
Mary P. Kelly
Stephen P. Kelly++
Stanley Middleman
Essex Mitchell
Michael K. Pearson
Kati M. Penney
Scott Perricelli
Jared Prushansky
David M. Rosenberg++
Jeffrey S. Rosenblum++
Cindy Savett
Calvin W. Schmidt++
Julieann Shanahan++
J. Larry Sorsby++
Michael Stolper++

* Chair, King of Prussia Hospital Advisory Council

++ Chairman's Circle member, cumulative lifetime giving to CHOP exceeds $1 Million