Lynn Saligman League

In 1956, 12-year-old Lynn Saligman died in a house fire. Her death left a hole in the hearts of her friends, who decided to honor her memory by raising funds for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Through the years, Lynn Saligman League became a constant presence at the Hospital, hosting patient parties, in-house day camp, bingos, bake sales, golf outings and many large events.

Now, more than 54 years later and with over 150 members, the group stands for a passionate commitment to the patients of Children’s Hospital, with millions raised to help strengthen the Hospital’s excellent core programs and fuel groundbreaking research.

Programs supported by the Lynn Saligman League

  • A lung expanse measuring machine for TB patients
  • Six hospital beds and night tables, a bottle warmer for 24 bottles
  • Israeli Research Fellows/ Weitzmann Institute of Science
  • Plastic Surgery Craniofacial Follow-Up Program
  • Inpatient Entrance
  • Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Fund
  • Social Work Emergency Patient & Family Fund
  • Computer for research projects in Orthopedics
  • Neurofibromatosis Clinic
  • Coloring books for Day Surgery patients Sickle Cell camp
  • Oncology emergency fund
  • Daisy Day
  • Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
  • Gastroenterology and Allergy
  • Day Surgery coloring books
  • Incubator for Newborn/Infant Care Center
  • Sent 30 patients to Sickle Cell Camp
  • Sent eight patients to Transplant Olympics
  • FLS Emergency Care Center Renovation
  • Child Life Department Game Cart
  • Diabetes Center for Children
  • Audiovisual Teaching Aids
  • Purchase of a digital camera and scanner for the 22q and You Center
  • coloring books for the Day Center
  • Neuro-oncology Cognitive Function Testing Program
  • Child Life Department
  • FLS Emergency Care Center
  • 3T MRI System, Division of Radiology
  • Duckett Center for Pediatric Urology
  • Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Research
  • Duckett Center for Pediatric Urology
  • Joint naming of conference room in new Oncology Unit
  • Furnishing of Parent Lounge
  • Dermatology Department
  • Free to Be Me Camp (Sickle Cell Center)
  • Child Life Department
  • Treatment Room in honor of Marcy Liss
  • Cardiac Center
  • Rita Saligman Cooper Memorial Endowment Fund
  • Biliblanket Light Meters for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Hospitality Center
  • Sam Maitin Mural Project
  • Cardiac Center
  • Wheelchair Scale and Nebulizers
  • Free to Be Me Camp
  • Humor Cart
  • Reach Out and Read
  • Scrapbooking Program
  • Plyometric Wall in Physical Therapy Gym
  • General Funding of Neurofibromatosis
  • Keto Kids Party (GI & Nutrition)
  • Bod Pod Suits for Nutrition and Growth Laboratory
  • Waiting Room Toys and Equipment at Division of Ophthalmology
  • EOE Education Conference
  • Funding for Thoracic Surgery in honor of William Hurlburt
  • Camp-Get-Awella
  • Neurology Research
  • Emergency Department Waiting Room Books
  • IBD Center
  • Surgery Laser Beam
  • Dedication of Parents Services Conference Room in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Zitin

Lynn Saligman League Members

Lauren Abrams
Jamie Abramson
Barbara Ayes
Erica Baritz
Kirsten Baritz
Vicki Baritz
Joni Blum
Arlene Bobb
Brooke Borsky
Nina Botel
Marla Brown
Randi Burstein
Zena Charokopos
Julie Cheiken
Gina Cohen
Toba Coren
Jodi Costin
Susan Cravetz
Shari Daniel
Melissa Dubin
Joy Effron
Sherry Effron
Jessica Ender
Lonna Ettelson
Linda Fairstone
Lisa Falasco
Roni Feierstein
Lynn Fein
Gloria Feldman
Jill Fishman
Alyson Frank
Debbie Freedman
Ann Gelfond
Judy Gerson
Alison Getson
Laurie Gillman
Lisa Ginsburg
Linda Glass
Deena Goldstein
Hallie Grodin
Yael Gross Rhode
Janet Harmelin
Randie Harmelin
Rocky Heller
Kim Hill
Melinda Hochberg
Sherry Horowitz Videll
Siobhan Hummel
Norma Jacobs
Roselois Jacobs
Jodi Kalson
Monica Kauffman
Lyn Kaye
Tina Krinsky
Sandy Krouse
Traci Lechwar
Brynn Lev
Joelyn Levensten
Honey Levin
Lauren Levin
Nadine Levin
Rande Levin
Sindy Levithan
Jennifer Liss
Margelle Liss
Sophia Liss
Stacy Liss
Connie Meth
Cathy Miller
Cori Miller
Susan Milner
Jami Morgenstern
Linda Peltz
Susie Pesin
Robyn Potter
Eleanor Powers Kolchins
Harriet Rash
Sharon Rovner
Beth Rubinstein
Julie Rubenstein
Jane Rudolph
Brenda Sacks
Joy Saidel
Jan Schmidt
Leslee Schneider
Lindsey Schneider
Karen Schulze
Wendy Schweiger
Ellen Segal
Ilene Silver Berman
Amy Silverman
Gail Singer
Bunny Slepin
Jill Solar
Donna Solomon
Trudy Stalbaum
Abbie Stein
Carol Stein
Peggy Sterling
Nancy Swerdlow
Remi Tammaro
Arlene Taylor
Nancy Tepper
Amy Waldman
Nicey Walinsky
Karen Wallace
Lorraine Wasserman
Denni Weiner
Lauren Weiner
Tara Weiner
Rhonda Weisberg
Terri Weiss
Wileen Weiswasser
Sheryl Winick
Kristi Yablon
Daniella Zmora
Honey Zozofsky

Contact us

For more information or if you have questions about the Lynn Saligman League, please contact email Kelly Lewis.