You’re Already a Winner, Now Compete for a Cause!

Children holding hands Strengthen your sport by supporting Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Choose one game from your schedule this season and make it a “Compete for a Cause” match up! Win or lose, your team will still be champions for the kids treated at CHOP.

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How do you Compete for a Cause?

  1. Choose one game or competition on your schedule that you would like to add a fundraising component to. Below are some fun, easy ideas on how to do this, or you can come up with some ideas of your own!
  2. Register your event here! We'll send you supplies to help make your event a success.
  3. Spread the word about your event. Let everyone know that not only will they be coming out to see the big game, but they will also be helping the kids at CHOP!
  4. COMPETE FOR A CAUSE! Have a great time playing your heart out while raising funds and awareness.
  5. Send your donations to CHOP. You’ll join a community of donors that helps sick kids become better and fuels researchers to find cures and transform lives. Together, we make breakthroughs happen every day.

How to make your competition a success

Fundraise online

You can set up a fundraising page up online today! Or, simply mark in your registration form that you are interested in a page and we will send you instructions on how to get started. 

Donate ticket sales

Donate the full amount or a portion of ticket sales.

Make sweepstakes baskets

Ask local businesses and restaurants for items and gift certificates, make them into gift baskets, and sell sweepstakes tickets for them.

Get staff involved

  • Pie in the face — Find a coach or teacher willing to get a pie in the face if a certain amount of money is raised.
  • Taped to the wall — Sell a yard of duct tape for $1 and see if you can get enough tape sold to hold up a teacher or coach.

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