Mutual Funds Transfer Instructions

Hailee smiling and laughing To initiate the process of transferring mutual funds please provide us with the following information in writing:

  1. Donor name and address
  2. Name, location and telephone number of broker/agent (if applicable)
  3. Fund Family Name
  4. Fund Name
  5. Ticker Symbol/CUSIP
  6. Number of shares or dollar value
  7. Purpose of gift, any restrictions or designations

Please direct any questions related to the transfer to our brokers at Pershing LLC at (412) 234-0439. Please consult with our brokers at Pershing LLC prior to making the transfer to ensure that the Mutual Fund is one that can be transferred.

The above instructions may be given directly to your broker.

To avoid confusion, before the gift is transferred, please contact Myrna Wells, Senior Associate Director Gift Policy Administration. Myrna’s direct phone is 267-441-4939 and her email is If Myrna is unavailable, please email, Rachel Mirage at or Julie Angelucci at

Upon notification, CHOP may need to establish an appropriate account to receive the gift from the institution holding your mutual fund. Once this account is established, you will be contacted with information necessary for initiating the transfer.

Please note that mutual fund transfers may take 3-4 weeks for completion. All mutual fund gifts and gifts of physical securities will be processed on a best efforts basis after the middle of December. Please ensure that your transfer is initiated well before the close of the calendar year, in order to receive tax credit for that year.

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