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Brain Tumor: Liam's Story

Liam - Brain Tumor Patient

It all started when he fell off a trampoline at a friend’s birthday party. Concerns about a possible concussion soon gave way to more shocking news: Liam had a brain tumor.

Zion’s Story: The Gift of Hands

Hand Transplant Patient Smiling Playing Fooseball

Zion Harvey is the first pediatric patient to receive a bilateral hand transplant. He was treated by a team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Rick, Gert and Their Grandson Sam

sam and his grandparents

Sam came to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatment of a severe heart defect. He received treatment and the chance to be a kid. Sam's grandparents, Rick and Gert, are grateful their grandson had both opportunities.

Peter and His Grandson Bart

Peter and Bart

Diagnosed with an enlarged heart and related complications, Bart’s family brought him to CHOP for life-saving surgery. Years later, Bart’s grandfather Peter, calls the doctors “real-life super heroes” and sought a way to thank them.

Catherine and Her Granddaughter Molly

catherine and molly

Born with a hole in her heart, Molly spent 24 days in the newborn/infant intensive care unit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Catherine, Molly’s grandmom, found comfort knowing her first grandbaby was being treated by expert and compassionate doctors, nurses and support staff.

Ebstein's Anomaly: Samaria's Story


After her toddler daughter Samaria had her third open heart surgery at CHOP to treat a single ventricle heart defect, Bonnie Martin knew she wanted to give something back to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Coronary Artery Anomaly: Anthony's Story

Mysteries of the Heart

Anthony's family turned to the Coronary Anomaly Management Program at CHOP, where a team is leading the search for answers about a little-understood heart defect called anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery and other coronary artery anomalies.