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Young boy cancer patient sitting in hospital window smiling At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we know what it’s like to have a child’s future in our hands. Your work every day helps deliver lifesaving care and research for patients in our care. Your support of tomorrow’s breakthroughs ensures CHOP has the resources necessary to provide the unparalleled care that changes the lives of children like Thomas.

Thomas’s Story

When Thomas was just two years old, his parents noticed bruises all over his body and he started getting consistent low-grade fevers. Soon, Thomas became lethargic and jaundiced. After a third visit to his pediatrician, his doctor noticed petechiae – tiny, round, brown-purple spots due to bleeding under his skin – near Thomas’ groin, an unusual spot for them.

That’s when his family turned to CHOP.

Thomas was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common form of childhood cancer. He spent six weeks as an inpatient at CHOP. The first round of chemotherapy caused seizures and he developed a C. difficile infection. “He was terrified,” his mom says. “He’s two, so you can’t explain to him what’s going on.”

With support from Cancer Center social workers and child life specialist, Thomas managed to get beyond his fear and returned to his outgoing self.

He had been in maintenance treatment for 14 months when his cancer returned. This time, however, there were more treatment options. Thomas endured 15 months of intense chemotherapy and cranial radiation – a path with a favorable cure rate.

And almost a year and a half after the relapse, four-year-old Thomas is full of energy, enjoying playing T-ball and going to school.

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