Wawa Volunteer Services

Wawa Volunteer Center It takes a team with the right measures of technological proficiency and human touch to heal a child, and volunteers are an essential part of that effort. Whether playing with children during waiting times, greeting visitors or helping families find their way in the halls, the volunteers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) make a difference providing a special human connection that often eases the stress for patients and families going through difficult times.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at CHOP. We appreciate your desire to make a difference with our patients and their families while they receive the best pediatric care. CHOP Volunteers have an opportunity to be part of the Wawa Volunteer Services and the Gerald B. Schreiber Volunteer Pet Therapy program.

CHOP assigns volunteer positions based on the current needs of the hospital along with the volunteer’s availability, interests and skill sets. Due to the high interest in CHOP’s volunteer programs, we strive to select, compassionate, enthusiastic individuals who are committed to making a difference.

Everyone desirous of volunteering at CHOP must meet certain requirements with respect to commitment of their time, healthcare immunizations and Pennsylvania background screenings.

We currently offer information sessions for those who have the required immunization records, FBI fingerprint documentation and who are willing to commit to 3-4 hour volunteer shift per week over a period of six months or longer.

Request more information via email.