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Vaccines offer parents some control of their children’s health!

Before vaccines, parents were scared of many childhood diseases. They would:

  • Keep their children out of swimming pools and send them to the country for the summer in an attempt to prevent polio
  • Take their children to chickenpox parties, hoping for milder cases when they were younger
  • Intentionally expose them to rubella to ensure they were immune as children before they reached their own child-bearing years

These choices were considered necessary because it was the only way to protect their children from harm.

Today, parents can employ the power of vaccines to control their children’s exposure to polio, chickenpox, rubella and almost a dozen other ravaging infections of childhood.

The Parents PACK Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is here to help. Stay abreast of vaccine information and choose health for your family.

Parents PACK Newsletter: March 2020

Wondering about coronavirus? Find out more.

Our monthly Parents PACK newsletter keeps parents informed about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. The March 2020 issue provides information about COVID-19, including: What it is, why it is such a big deal, what scientists and public officials are doing, and what the public can do.

Every issue also includes current Vaccine News & Notes.

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The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) offers an app, called Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know, so people can access accurate vaccine information wherever and whenever they need it.

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Play "Just the Vax" Vaccine Trivia Game

"Just the Vax” is the Vaccine Education Center’s trivia game. As part of the Parents PACK program, the vaccine trivia game offers a fun way to learn about vaccines.

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Beat the Germs in ‘Vax Pack Hero’

Vax Pack Hero Play a web-based video game, collect trading cards, and learn more about vaccine heroes and germs in this program from the Vaccine Education Center.

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