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May 2024

Dr. Handy describes the effectiveness of the measles vaccine and which three groups might need a booster during outbreaks.

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About Dr. Handy

Dr. Handy knew at a young age that she wanted to be a doctor. Her passion for helping people, particularly kids, lead healthy lives compelled her to specialize in pediatric infectious diseases. “I decided on pediatrics because I love to see the joy of kids, particularly if they were sick and needed help getting better. Once they left the hospital, they were often back to themselves. And that was also one of the reasons I chose to be an infectious disease doctor,” said Dr. Handy.

“Healthy at Home with Dr. Handy” video series

In this Parents PACK video series, Dr. Handy shares practical advice on how to keep children and families healthy. Check back often as more videos will be added.

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Reviewed on May 06, 2024

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