“Special Topics” Online Series Q&A Sheets

The Vaccine Education Center is pleased to offer Special Topics Series - Online Q&A Sheets. These sheets are available for online viewing or can be photocopied for distribution. New files will be added as they are completed. 

Tuberculosis Fact Sheet


English [PDF, 448KB]

Infectious Diseases Fact Sheet

Infectious Diseases and Immune-compromised People

English [PDF, 748KB]

Cancer PatientsFact Sheet

Infectious Diseases and Cancer Patients

English [PDF, 138KB]

Infectious Disease and Travel Fact Sheet

Infectious Diseases and Travel

English [PDF, 674KB]

Enterovirus Fact Sheet

Enterovirus D68

English [PDF, 78KB]

Lyme Disease Fact Sheet

Lyme disease

English [PDF, 1.3MB]

Infectious Disease and Pregnancy Fact Sheet

Infectious Diseases and Pregnancy

English [PDF, 174KB]

Infectious Disease and Fever Fact Sheet

Infectious Diseases and Fevers

English [PDF, 422KB]

Yellow Fever Fact Sheet

Yellow Fever

English [PDF, 590KB]

Evaluation Information

Evaluating Information

English [PDF, 187 KB]

Vaccinated or Unvaccinated Fact Sheet

Vaccinated or Unvaccinated: What You Should Know

English [PDF, 192 KB]

When Individual Doctors Make Their Own Immunization Schedules

When Individual Doctors Make Their Own Immunization Schedules

English [PDF, 173 KB]

Logical Fallacies and Vaccines Fact Sheet

Logical Fallacies and Vaccines

English [PDF, 274 KB]

If you have ideas for additional "special topics" Q&A sheets, please contact us at vacinfo@email.chop.edu with subject line: Special Topics Series.



Reviewed on March 21, 2017

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