Just the Vax Toolkits

The Just the Vax trivia game is a popular destination on our website. Now, we made a toolkit using the information from the trivia game so others could more easily use the information.

For providers

  • Engage your staff
  • Enhance your own print and digital materials
  • Present vaccine information to your patients and their families in fun way

Download the provider brochure for ideas about how to use the toolkit in clinical practices.

For educators

  • Engage with students
  • Enhance classroom and assessment materials
  • Present vaccine and science information to students in a fun way

Download the educator brochure for ideas about how to use the toolkit with students.

Print-ready, one page trivia question sets

These single sheet files (available in PDF format to print out and distribute) each include 10 multiple-choice questions that cover the following topics:

Print-ready trivia flashcards

Notecard-sized flashcards, four per page, can be printed on 8.5” x 11” paper to view multiple-choice questions on the front and answers with supplementary information on the back. Cards are classified in the four main categories in the Just the Vax online trivia game:

Click here for ways to use the Flashcards and Printing Tips.

Play Just the Vax Trivia Game

“Vaccine Trivia: Just the Vax” is the Vaccine Education Center’s trivia game. It includes four categories of questions about vaccines from which to choose: historical/famous figures, safety, vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. 

Play Just the Vax

Full Set of Trivia Questions

Browse more than 200 vaccine-related trivia questions filtered by topics, such as: historical/famous figures and vaccine-preventable diseases, vaccine safety, vaccines, and vaccine-preventable diseases. Use these comprehensive lists to choose the questions just right for your audience.

Materials in this section are updated as new information and vaccines become available. The Vaccine Education Center staff regularly reviews materials for accuracy.

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