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On the Bookshelf: Bad Faith - When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine

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Dr. Offit’s newest book, Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine, is now available through regular booksellers. The book addresses parents’ rights to make health decisions for their children when these decisions are based on religious beliefs and are detrimental to the child.

In the Journal: Dengue Virus Vaccine Shows Promise

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Read about the first-ever vaccine that has shown a high level of efficacy against dengue. The new vaccine promises for a brighter future for those children who live in regions where dengue virus infections are common.

On the Bookshelf: Mobile for Good: A How-to Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits

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This is a good resource for those who participate in local immunization coalition or other non-profit organization in the community. Written in an easy-to-follow style and tone, this guide is useful even to those not well-versed in social media and other technologies commonly used today.

News & Views: What to Do About Non-Vaccinating Families in Practice

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With the recent outbreaks of measles we have been asked about what providers should do, and while we are not responsible for making policies, we thought it might be useful to share our position on this with a wider audience than those who specifically requested our input.

In the Journals: Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness

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To determine which influenza strains to put into these yearly vaccines, researchers at CDC try to predict the strains that will be circulating in North America by examining those that are circulating in South America. Usually, they’re right. This year, they weren’t.