Donate Toys, Games and Supplies to Child Life

We appreciate your interest in supporting the children at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) as well as Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy. Because thousands of children visit our many facilities each year, we have an ongoing need for new toys, craft supplies, books, video games and movies. Our wish list provides information about what kinds of toys/materials we are most in need of at any given time; however, infant toys and adolescent activities are always needed.

Please Note: our holiday donation deadline will be Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019. All donation drop-offs must be scheduled in advance prior to donating. If you are unable to make your donation by Dec. 18, we will begin accepting again in the New Year (2020).

Items we can accept

For the safety of all patients, all donations must be new and safe (non-toxic). We recommend that all items are purchased directly from our wish list, including brand names, as we know these are the safest items for our patients and families. 

Items we cannot accept

For infection control reasons, we cannot accept used toys and discourage donation of toys made of fabric or wood.

Patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are often at high risk of acquiring an infection or illness. For this reason, we must not expose them to items that could bring them in contact with viruses or bacteria that might compromise their health.

Items we cannot accept include:

  • Used toys
  • Items that have been held in storage
  • Collector's items
  • Cloth items, including stuffed animals
  • Handmade items
  • Handmade cards and crafts
  • Handwritten notes/messages
  • Food items
  • Violent themed toys, games, movies and books

If you have gently used toys or fabric items to donate, local shelters and churches are often in need of such items.

Monetary donations

To make a monetary donation, please call Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation at 267-426-6500 or make a donation online.

Drop-off instructions

This time of year, scheduling a date and time for drop-off is mandatory. Please contact Matt Piontkowski to schedule.

To ensure proper follow-up and acknowledgement of your donation, please complete a donor form when you deliver your donation to the Information Desk.

Due to patient privacy, donors are not allowed to deliver directly to patients.

We are unable to accommodate large groups or vehicles at the time of drop-off.