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New videos for vaccine providers

The Vaccine Center of Excellence (VCE) aims to “empower healthcare providers with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to protect their communities from vaccine preventable diseases.” It is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, but their efforts are global. Recently, they released the “Digital Education Series,” a group of 10 short videos for healthcare providers that cover topics related to COVID-19 vaccines, effective communication and addressing disparities and myths.

Learn more about the series or access the videos.
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Progress in autism research

The Autism Science Foundation (ASF) published a useful, year-end summary on the state of autism research. The piece, which includes references to scientific publications, discussed not only the latest research but also the areas important to focus on in the future.

Check out this comprehensive update today.

Several CDC updates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced several updates that you might have missed in the midst of the holidays. Please check those that are of interest or pertinence to your efforts:

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