Booklets, Posters and Other Materials


With the exception of “Vaccine Safety and Your Child,” which is excerpted and reprinted with permission from Columbia University Press, booklets produced by the Vaccine Education Center can be viewed online, printed or photocopied, in whole or in part. Healthcare professionals can order these materials for their practice.

Vaccines and Your Baby Booklet

Vaccines and Your Baby

English [PDF, 3.3MB]
Spanish [PDF, 3.3MB]


Vaccine Safety Booklet

Vaccine Safety and Your Child

English [PDF, 1.5MB]
Spanish [PDF, 1.8MB]

Rashes Booklet

Rashes: What You Should Know

English [PDF, 2.1MB]
Spanish [PDF, 2.06MB]


Healthcare providers can order posters for their practices through the healthcare professionals order form. Mobile app and posters can be ordered free of charge. Rash posters can be ordered for a small fee plus shipping charges.

Vaccines On The Go Poster

Vaccines On The Go: What You Should Know

English [PDF, 133KB]

COVID Vaccine Answers Poster Poster

English [PDF, 143KB]

Other Materials


Showing the recommended immunization schedule, this item is printed on an electrostatic film that allows it to hang on a wall or refrigerator without the use of an adhesive. The film comes on a white cardstock backing that can easily be removed.

Immunization Schedule Cling

Recommended Immunization Schedule Cling

English [PDF, 321KB]
Spanish [PDF, 323KB]

Coloring Books

Presenting the science of vaccines with fun images to color and activities to complete, this 16-page booklet is sure to provide children with a way to learn about vaccines and how they work, as well as some of the scientists who helped to develop them.

Prescription for Information

Prescription for Information pads provide an opportunity to send patients and their families home with an easy way to find our online information related to their questions about vaccines. These pads can be viewed and printed online (English [PDF, 157KB], Spanish [PDF, 194KB]) or ordered using our order forms.

VEC websites card

VEC website cards offer an easy way to make sure your patients and their families are finding accurate, science-based information online. The front of the card offers an easy-to-remember URL and a QR code for our main website, and the back provides a list of our other online locations. View online [PDF, 142KB] or order packs of 50 cards (4”x6” in size) free of charge using our online order form.

Parents PACK tear pads

Parents PACK tear pads are 6”x8” two-sided pads of 50 sheets each that describe the different aspects of the Parents PACK program, the Vaccine Education Center’s program for the public. These tear pads can be viewed online [PDF, 360KB] or ordered in pads of 50 free of charge using our online order form.

Reviewed on August 08, 2023

Materials in this section are updated as new information and vaccines become available. The Vaccine Education Center staff regularly reviews materials for accuracy.

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