Are you getting questions about COVID-19 vaccines? Do you have questions yourself?

Check out the VEC’s new page dedicated to answering questions about COVID-19 vaccines:

This URL points to a page on the VEC’s website where people can get answers to common questions about COVID-19 vaccines or submit their own questions.

Current sections on the page include: 

  • Types of COVID-19 vaccines
  • COVID-19 vaccine studies
  • COVID-19 vaccine availability
  • COVID-19 vaccine safety
  • COVID-19 vaccine news

We will continue to add questions and answers as they are submitted and hope this page can serve as a source of reliable information in the coming weeks and months. Please consider sharing this easy-to-remember URL,, with your patients, family, and friends or through your website or social media channels. Now, more than ever, it is important that we work together to ensure that the public is getting accurate — and honest — information about the pandemic and the tools for treating and preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections.

Families and vaccines: When opinions differ

When families disagree about vaccine decisions, the result can negatively impact multiple family relationships. Based on a previously published Parents PACK article, this new Special Topics Q&A offers tips for navigating these difficult situations. The printable sheet includes considerations for evaluating information, protecting unvaccinated individuals, and having vaccine conversations with different family members.

Check out “Families and vaccines: When opinions differ” today!

As with other VEC Q&A sheets, the new information can be photocopied for sharing or links can be posted on your own websites or social media channels. Check out the full set of topics on the VEC’s “Special Topics” page.

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