New resources address measles boosters and misinformation related to vaccines and chronic diseases

The May 2024 issue of Parents PACK, the Vaccine Education Center’s newsletter for the public, offered resources that may be helpful in your interactions with patients and families.

"Do people need a measles vaccine booster during an outbreak?"

This new video from the “Healthy at Home with Dr. Handy” series describes which groups of people may need boosters during a local measles outbreak. See which three groups she highlighted.

Check out additional videos:

"Do vaccines cause chronic diseases?"

A common misconception about vaccines is that they are replacing infectious diseases with chronic diseases. This is an easy talking point for scaring people because it is vague and far-reaching, making it difficult to respond to. However, we recently addressed three aspects of this concern in the article, “Do Vaccines Cause Chronic Diseases?”

A downloadable version of the article can also be photocopied for easy sharing.

Essay contest winners

The 2024 Maurice R. Hilleman Essay Contest winners were celebrated during a virtual event held in early May. This year’s contest had students pontificate on the following prompt: “Dr. Hilleman made his impact on the world through the development of vaccines. What scientific issue would you take on if given the chance and why?”

Essay submissions were wide ranging in the topics today’s students wish to address as demonstrated by the subject matter in the winning essays.

Be inspired by reading the essays or listening to them in the students’ voices by visiting the Hilleman Film website.

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