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The Vaccine Education Center recently released two new short video series:

Talking about Vaccines with Dr. Hank Bernstein

Similar to the short videos by Dr. Offit, these videos feature Dr. Hank Bernstein answering common questions related to COVID-19. Dr. Bernstein is a Professor of Pediatrics at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell and a voting member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). The videos can be accessed from the VEC website or a YouTube playlist. Examples of a few of the questions addressed include:

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My COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

This new video series features our colleagues at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia talking about their decisions and experiences related to COVID-19 vaccine. The currently available videos feature some of our Black colleagues who wanted to help address vaccine hesitancy in their community. We are also working on a series with our Hispanic and Latinx colleagues, which will be available in Spanish in the coming weeks.

We hope you will check out the videos to hear some of these important and personal testimonials:

  • Paul described, “You know, you can tell I'm African-American, and there's a long history of distrust of the medical community for us, particularly after the Tuskegee experiments, and many times we feel that we're not being treated equitably. But there's a problem that this virus is decimating people in our own community, and whatever we can do to reduce our risk and help others in our community and prolong the lives, particularly of older individuals in the African-American community, we should do it. … So, I encourage you all my brothers and sisters out there, if you have a chance to get the vaccine, do it; do it today. You may save a life.”
  • Gilbert shared, “The other reason was for my family. I've lost close family members to the COVID-19. I mean, really close, immediate family members. And for me to lose the wisdom of the elders in my family and not allow them the time to provide wisdom and life lessons due to COVID was impactful for me.”
  • Tyra indicated, “So, I've been asked a lot about what happened when I got the vaccine. And sure, I was a little concerned about the side effects that I'd heard of in terms of a sore arm and feeling bad. And really the first shot, the only thing I felt was a very sore arm that lasted for less than 24 hours. But the second shot, I did get more symptoms. I felt tired, but again, that lasted about 24 hours and then I felt better.”
  • Kristen recounted, “I felt grateful for the opportunity to be vaccinated, and I also felt hopeful. Vaccination is our most important tool to stop this pandemic.”

Check out the videos on our website or YouTube.

Webinar reminder

Dr. Offit will provide an update about COVID-19 and the vaccines during the March 24, 2021, “Current Issues in Vaccines” webinar. Registration will remain open until 9 a.m. EDT on March 24. If you miss registration, you can view the archived event beginning March 26 from the webinar archive page of our site.

Free continuing education credits (CME, CEU, and CPE) will be offered.

“Current Issues in Vaccines” webinars are supported by the Thomas F. McNair Scott Endowed Research and Lectureship Fund and co-sponsored by the PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics and Wilkes University.

Updated HPV Q&A

The “Human Papillomavirus: What you should know” Q&A was recently updated. Volume 6, Winter 2021 offers updated data and includes information about using the vaccine in those up to 45 years of age.

Check it out or order today:

Ministry of Supply adds “Science for Better” masks to support the VEC

In addition to “Science for Better” bracelets to support the VEC, Ministry of Supply has also released a “Science for Better” mask to support our efforts! Thank you to Ministry of Supply and our readers for continuing to support our mission!

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