VEC’s popular (and free) mobile app — revised

Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know, our popular mobile app, has been updated and is available in both the App Store and Google Play. The vaccine app, originally published in 2013, includes:

  • A new section about the immune system and how it works
  • Travel vaccine and disease information
  • Enhanced video offerings, including the Vaccine Makers Project animations and video clips from HILLEMAN – A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children

The app still contains extensive vaccine and disease information, including updated graphics showing disease contagiousness and timelines; recommended immunization schedules for all age groups; and information and links related to common vaccine safety concerns.

App users can also email questions directly to the Vaccine Education Center (VEC), and an enhancement also allows us to provide notifications through the app when updated resources or other vaccine news is available.

Some healthcare providers have had success using the app at the point of care on iPads or smartphones. Because the app links to all of our videos, it is easy to share the short Talking about Vaccines videos in which Dr. Offit answers individual questions, or show the contagiousness images or vaccine side effect rates to answer questions during appointment discussions.

Find out more or access links to the app stores at

Reminder: Free posters

The free 8.5”x11” mobile app posters have been updated to show the revised app. The posters can be displayed or distributed in parent information packets. You can view the poster or order some for free from the VEC ordering webpage.

New videos

The Vaccine Education Center recently released a few new videos:

Don’t forget to register for the December Current Issues in Vaccines webinar

If you haven’t already registered, but wish to listen to the live event, register today. The webinar will be held on Dec. 11, 2019, at noon ET, and Dr. Offit will offer ACIP updates on the following topics:

  • Tdap vaccine: Updates on safety
  • Influenza vaccine: Latest surveillance and effectiveness data
  • Dengue vaccine: Where things stand

Free continuing education credits will be offered (CME, CEU, CPE).

The VEC gratefully acknowledges the Thomas F. McNair Scott Endowed Research and Lectureship Fund and, our co-sponsor, the Pennsylvania Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics for supporting the Current Issues in Vaccines webinar series.

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