The new Q&A “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: What You Should Know” from the Vaccine Education Center (VEC) is now available online and in print.

Three versions are available online for downloading, printing and photocopying:

The English and Spanish versions are also available for order in packs of 50 for $4 per pack (plus shipping) on the VEC’s ordering page.

New COVID-19 resources

The VEC has added COVID-19 resources to the website and mobile app:

  • A Look at Each Vaccine: COVID-19 Vaccine — As with other pages in this section of the website, the COVID-19 vaccine page discusses the disease and the vaccines and offers an assessment of relative risks and benefits.
  • Vaccines on the Go mobile app — The free mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, now includes pages about COVID-19 vaccines and disease. As with other vaccine pages in the app, the COVID-19 vaccine page includes information about the type of vaccine, side effects (including rates found in clinical trials), special considerations, and reasons to get the vaccine. The disease page includes information about spread, contagiousness, symptoms, typical timeline (graphic), possible complications, and other things to know.

    If you have not downloaded the app, it is a wonderful tool to use at the point of care because of its simple diagrams and short lists that can support conversations about all vaccines and the diseases they prevent. The mobile app content is also at a lower reading level than many of our other materials, with most pages evaluated at ninth grade or lower.

HILLEMAN now available on Curiosity Stream

The award-winning documentary, HILLEMAN: A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children, is now available on the documentary streaming service CuriosityStream. If you are already a subscriber, check out the film today. If you want to learn more about CuriosityStream, check out their website.

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