Updated COVID-19, influenza, and travel Q&As

The VEC recently updated two popular disease-specific Q&As and one “Special Topics” Q&A:

Updated immunization schedule

The VEC’s easy-to-read infant immunization schedule has been updated to include COVID-19. Check out the redesigned and updated files in English and Spanish today!

As a reminder, these schedules are available as electrostatic “clings.” When the white backing is removed, the schedule can be hung on a wall, refrigerator, or other convenient household location without the need for adhesives.

The clings, as well as other VEC items, can be ordered from our online store or using one of the other methods listed on the page. Schedules can be found in the “miscellaneous items” section of the store.

Archived webinar

During the recent “Current Issues in Vaccines” webinar, Dr. Offit discussed “COVID-19 Boosters, Yearly Vaccines, and Variant-specific Vaccines: What's Next?” The event materials are now posted on the Fall 2022 webinar archive page, including:

  • Event recording
  • Slides
  • Answers to questions asked during the event

Free continuing education credits (CME, CEU, and CPE) are available for the archived event.

The webinar series is supported by the Thomas F. McNair Scott Endowed Research and Lectureship Fund and co-sponsored by the Pennsylvania Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics and the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy at Wilkes University.

New & updated infographics

Infographics are popular for providing information quickly in a visual way. The VEC recently released new and updated infographics about the following topics:

For easier access to the VEC’s suite of infographics, we have added an infographics page to the “Vaccine Resources” section (vaccine.chop.edu/resources) of our website. You can photocopy, display and link to any VEC infographics that will help in your conversations about vaccines.

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