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How are vaccines made?

Vaccines are made in several ways. However, all vaccines have the same general goal: weaken the virus or bacteria in a way that allows the recipient to develop an immune response without developing any symptoms of infection. Vaccines are made using the same components that are found in the natural virus or bacteria. Learn how vaccines are made.

Process of vaccine development

People critical of vaccines often cite issues related to how a vaccine is made, such as the amount of time a vaccine has been tested, the number of people who received it and the ingredients in the vaccines. However, the vaccine development process is robust. Find out more about how vaccines are developed.

Licensure, recommendations and requirements

Vaccines are only given to children after a long and careful review by a number of different groups. These groups either: license, recommend or require vaccines.

Animals and vaccines

The benefits of vaccines are often discussed as they relate to people. Vaccines keep people healthy, decrease the transmission of diseases throughout the population, and decrease the costs of medical care. However, animal vaccines are of benefit to people as well. Likewise, animals help in the process of making vaccines. Find out more.

Other questions about making vaccines

Get answers to questions related to the making of vaccines and their safety, including vaccine injury and liability. See the questions.

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