Adolescent immunization resources from the AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released two online courses aimed to help providers improve adolescent immunization rates:

  • Adolescent Immunizations: Office Strategies – this course focuses on ways to improve adolescent immunization rates.
  • Adolescent Immunizations: Strongly Recommending the HPV Vaccine – this course focuses on HPV vaccine, providing information about common HPV vaccine-related concerns and advice for making strong recommendations.

Both courses are offered free of charge. To access either course go to the AAP pedialink webpage:

  • Select the continuing education tab.
  • Select online courses from the dropdown box and enter “adolescent immunization” in the search box.
  • Click on the green details/register button for the course of interest.
  • After reviewing the course information, click on the green register (individual) button.
  • If you already have login information, enter it now. If you do not, use the new customers section to obtain login information.

Ohio State’s Top Ten Origins: Vaccination

The Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective series is a project of Ohio State’s Department of History. Each month, the staff publishes an article steeped in current day but with an historical perspective.

Recently, the team addressed vaccinations. To this end, the article, Top Ten Origins: Vaccination, addressed vaccines from the historical perspective.

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