The University of Virginia (UVA) Library now houses the first pandemic education collection. With funding from the Jefferson Trust, Ashley Hosbach, Education and Social Science Research Librarian at UVA, designed and led this project to bridge the gap between the number of children’s books being published related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ability to find them.

While some of the books in the collection relate to vaccine confidence, others are important for supporting children’s mental health, such as:

  • Managing fear and anxiety
  • Grief and loss
  • Processing traumatic events
  • Social distancing, quarantining, and “stay at home”
  • Normalizing face masks
  • Doctors, scientists, and healthcare workers as trusted figures
  • Return to school

If you keep a library of children’s books, recommend books to parents to help their children cope with a situation, donate to your local library, or need a gift for the children in your life, you will want to check out this important resource.

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