The Doc 2 Doc series, by Dale Okorodudu, MD, aims to excite young children about medicine and science, particularly Black and Brown children. Dr. Okorodudu, also the founder of Black Men in White Coats, believes in the importance of introducing children to science early in life, so that they can become excited and engaged. The Doc 2 Doc series currently includes five stories in which Tony and Jace, the main characters, learn about the heart, lungs, bones, viruses, and the eye. With parents who are doctors and a little sister, Debbie, who sometimes helps with the learning, Tony and Jace learn new vocabulary and the importance of learning so that they can help others. Each book also includes “Debbie’s Quiz” to help readers recall what they learned during the story.

The books can be purchased individually or as a single collection on Amazon. They are also available as Kindle e-books.

These books are great for the youngsters in your life or for your local library or schools.

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