If you keep a library of children’s books related to health and wellness, you’ll want to check out these two new publications:

  • Mobi vs. The Shield: Community Immunity Saves the Day — Meet Mobi, “a pesky measles virus.” In this new book for children, created by The Immunization Partnership, Mobi is desperately trying to infect people in Townsville. But, Mobi is increasingly disappointed as he is escorted around town by Victor, “a superhero vaccine,” who is confident that the people of Townsville are protected by the shield of vaccines.
  • Vaccines Explained — Written by Ohemaa Boahemaa, a public health and STEM advocate, and illustrated by Joyeeta Neogi, this book explains how vaccines work and why they’re important. The book is available from Language Lizard in multiple languages. A free lesson plan is also available.

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