• When is the best time of day to have a meeting?
  • When is the worst time of day to have a medical procedure?
  • When are project groups most productive?
  • Should you give someone good or bad news first?

All of these questions relate to time, and in When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, author Daniel H. Pink answers each as he describes research related to the human relationship with time. In this quick read, Pink breaks the information into three sections. His first focus relates to the day and how a predictable pattern of mood cycle has been found to transcend demography and geography. He also discusses the importance of breaks throughout the day (and how to nap efficiently!).

Part 2 of the book examines how beginnings, middles and endings affect us including some interesting observations related to marathons, chocolates and Hanukkah candles.

The last part of the book focuses on working together and concludes with a look at time-based language, such as tenses and how that affects our views.

The book also includes a series of “Time Hacker’s Handbooks” after each chapter allowing readers to distill and apply the main points from the chapter.

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