Do you work with any local coalitions? If so, you should definitely get a copy of Frances Dunn Butterfoss’ book, Ignite! Getting Your Community Coalition “Fired Up” for Change. Using symbolism related to campfires, Butterfoss’ book guides readers through the process of starting, building and sustaining a coalition. However, the book does not need to be read cover to cover to appreciate its value. Indeed, existing coalitions, and coalition members, will find helpful tips and tools regardless of how long they have been working in the community.

The book includes tools related to running coalitions, such as templates of by-laws, job descriptions and meeting minutes. But in addition, individuals can evaluate leadership styles and traits as well as assess themselves or others as members of the group. Butterfoss’ book also includes a useful table for addressing problems that coalitions may encounter and offers advice about how to resolve them.

Whether you are thinking about starting a new coalition, need to re-energize your existing coalition, or just want to think about relationship building around a cause, this book will prove itself worth reading.

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