Meningitis PSA

Meningitis Angels, a well-known meningitis advocacy group, recently released a new public service announcement (PSA) featuring some of their members who are also meningitis survivors. The one-minute PSA talks about the new meningitis B vaccine and why it is important for it to be recommended and possibly mandated.

HPV documentary

A new documentary, Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic, features five women whose lives have been affected by cervical cancer. Narrated by Vanessa Williams and featuring Tamika Felder, founder of Tamika and Friends, an organization of survivors, the documentary is available for hosting screenings throughout the country.  Since January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month — and we celebrate those we love in February — you might consider taking advantage of this opportunity by either attending or hosting a screening.

CDC updates vaccine prices and introduces new parent resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently updated the vaccine pricing list and introduced new parent resources:

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